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Green Army Men Limited Edition
Green Army Men Limited Edition
Ezra Zion

Green Army Men Limited Edition

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Vitola: 6x48

W: 11-year-aged vintage criollo rosado

B: undisclosed 

F: undisclosed 

Strength: medium/full

GREEN ARMY MEN is one of the most iconic and sought after cigars in the Ezra Zion anthology! It’s been over 3 Years since GREEN ARMY MEN has been seen or heard from—because we couldn't get the EXTREMELY RARE tobaccos needed for this phenomenal blend!

The complexity of flavors, the balance, and the richness of this cigar are INCREDIBLE!

GREEN ARMY MEN LIMITED EDITION is a full-bodied, med/full-strength 6x48 toro. The wrapper is a 11-year-aged vintage Criollo Rosado leaf. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a closely guarded secret. But...all tobaccos are aged between 7-13 years!

Tasting notes included are cocoa, whipped cream, tanned leather, chocolate, white pepper, caramel, cedar, nuts, cinnamon, taffy, vanilla bean, buttercream, aged tobacco, coffee, and red oak. The "barnyard" notes (that we love so much) splash the flavors on the finish. Phenomenal smoke! The extra aging of this blend has taken these tobaccos to the next level. So much so that we are even shaking our heads in amazement! 

Whatever you have in mind to're going to want to get even more! Do your palate a favor and GETCHA SOME NOW!

Total Production: 605