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Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Ezra Zion

Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Vitola: 5.75x50

W: criollo 98

B: undisclosed

F: undisclosed

Strength: med/full

Nothing makes your mouth water 💦 like grandmas fresh and hot cookies.🍪😋

🍪💨Chocolate Chip Cookies XQ!💨🍪

They're sweet and savory...chocolatey, vanilla-y...just perfect! If you were fortunate enough to get in on the first Chocolate Chip Cookie release (Back in 2018)...then you know how utterly delicious it was!

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE XQ is even more phenomenal! The designation as an “XQ” blend means “eXtra Quality”. The rich, chocolatey and “cookie” flavors are incredible!

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE XQ is a full-bodied, med/full-strength 5.75x50 toro. The wrapper is a flawless and beautiful Criollo 98 leaf. Fillers are a closely guarded secret...but all tobaccos are 5-12 years aged!

Tasting notes included are chocolate chips, maple, sweet cream, baking spices, Madagascar vanilla, dark brown sugar, white oak, whipped cream, cinnamon stick, aged leather, dried fruit, graham cracker, whiskey barrel, custard, and toasted almond

Whatever you're gonna order...DOUBLE IT! Because when you smoke'll wish you'd bought more!

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