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Vitola: 6X54

W: Habano

B: Nicaragua

F: Nicaragua

Strength: medium+

Origin: Esteli, Nicaragua

Tasting Notes- Cedar, Roasted Nuts, Caramel and Baking Spices.

One can find few spots in the wilderness where the fishing is so good, they don’t need to pack any food for the trip. The Bitterroot River is one of those spots. The renowned Bitterroot River is a blue-ribbon trout fishery flowing 84 miles north through the picturesque Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains ending in Missoula. Our Bitterroot cigar is designed to honor such a
rare fishery. Wrapped in a habano leaf with a San Andreas binder with filler from Nicaragua. The Bitterroot has tasting notes of cedar, roasted nuts, caramel and baking spices provides a wholesome experience. As wholesome as catching the hatch and pulling a trophy trout from the Bitterroot’s transparent waters.