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Año Viejo 2024
Año Viejo 2024
LCA (Limited Cigar Association)

Año Viejo 2024

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LCA Main Release
Vitola: 5x54 robusto
W: Nicaraguan
B: Nicaraguan
F: Nicaraguan
Año Viejo is back for the third consecutive January LCA release. This years iteration of Año
Viejo is a 5x54 robusto Nicargaun puro by AJ Fernandez aged for over 12 months. Translating to
“Old Year,” Año Viejo is a holiday celebrated predominately in Columbia, Ecuador, and
Honduras. Año Viejo is a New Years celebration focused on purging the negativity of the old
year to make room for the prosperity and happiness to come in the New Year. Celebrating the
theme of cleansing the past year's energy and welcoming the new, this cigar is specially crafted
to embody the spirit of renewal. It offers a complex flavor profile with notes of cedar, cream,
pepper, leather, and spices, along with a satisfying retrohale.
Release Date: Friday, January 5th